At Sparrow & Fox Weddings and Events, everything begins with a foundation of love. We love, respect, value, and celebrate individuals and couples of all shapes, sizes, and identities. We delight in working with clients of all cultural backgrounds, religions, genders, races, abilities, sexualities, and other diverse identities. We are also polyamory and kink friendly.

We believe that gatherings are fundamentally about community, about coming together to enjoy time and space with the people we love. We work with our clients to plan events that are spaces for conversation, connection, and vulnerability. Our goal is for all guests to feel welcomed and comfortable in a carefully curated and safe space filled with beautiful and creative details.

Our style is friendly, creative, and collaborative. We prioritize building authentic relationships with our clients. We seek to support minority and woman owned businesses whenever possible.

We intentionally resist the ‘shoulds’ of wedding and event planning. We believe that your event should be a reflection of you and your values, not just the latest Pinterest trends. We encourage our clients to veer from tradition as they wish, and to spend time and money only on those aspects of their event which are important to them. We will help you plan an event that is just right for you.