I am the queen bee of planning, organization, and thoughtful details! I am passionate about making things beautiful, and I can figure out how to create pretty much anything if it involves a sewing machine or hot glue gun. I adore snuggling up with a good book and a cup of coffee, giving big bear hugs to everyone I meet, going for a hike on a crisp fall day, collecting pretty office supplies, hanging out with my fancy-pants poodle Rosie, and of course, putting together weddings and events full of special, once-in-a-lifetime moments and memories. I delight in all the details that make an event a success — crafting the perfect timeline, finding the just-right flowers, linens, or lighting, and staying on top of the long list of to-dos. I have always been in love with details, and it makes my heart leap to see them all come together to make a client’s dream event become a reality. I truly can’t wait to hear all about your vision for your event. I am here to make your planning experience stress-free and enjoyable, and to create an event that is exactly as you will enjoy it most!

♥︎ Janet